In the deepest, darkest recesses of our hearts, some of us yearn to be Daddies to good little boys… even if they are only our stepsons. It’s probably for the best because the images and thoughts that plague our minds are filthy and perverted, but oh, so delicious. And what we do to ourselves in the privacy of our homes, in a dark bedroom, the bathrooms, or even in a public stall… let’s just say that those of us whose minds and thoughts linger on our boys, never come so hard as when we’re imagining having sex with them. And if you’ve ever gotten a hard-on at the sight of a pair of puffy red lips, the slow blinking of bedroom eyes looking up at you, or the small, slender build of a young boy… then you’re one of us. Come… join us at Bring Me A Boy as we explore tight, smooth bodies, eat out and savor tender rosebuds as if they were the finest cuts of beef, then stretch and seed sweet pink hole or smear cum on their kissable lips. Let us corrupt, together, the innocence and beauty of the pretty little things we call son.